Spectra Sonics has offered the world's finest hand-built audio equipment since 1964 and we still adhere to the same rigorous standards. Spectra Sonics is considered "vintage" now, but really it's the forefront of modern recording technology!

The Spectra Sonics Legacy was acquired by a partnership of two former employees in 2007. The same manufacturing techniques which were implemented by Spectra Sonics under its original ownership are still used today. All Spectra Sonics equipment is hand-tested and hand-soldered in our Ogden, Utah facility, by a small team of specialists. All Spectra Sonics equipment undergoes rigorous hands on testing before leaving the factory. Much of the testing equipment used was hand built in the original factory over 40 years ago. Our factory specifications have not changed. You can rest assured that your brand new Spectra Sonics equipment will sound just as good as your favorite vintage unit.


860 West Riverdale Road

Suite D6

Riverdale, Utah. 84405

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST

Email: info@spectra-sonics.com