Spectra Sonics Complimiters

The 601 compressor/limiter module (right) was introduced in 1969. It was first implemented in the Spectra Sonics Model 610 Complimiter (below). It acts as a separate compressor and peak limiter, or it can perform both functions simultaneously. Today, the 601 is still the fastest, quietest, and most versatile analog compressor/limiter available. The 601 module is the heart and soul of each of our Complimiter models. Choose which Complimiter best suits your application:

Spectra Sonics 610 Complimiter circa 1978

 The Model V610 Complimiter

The Model V610 is a major improvement on the 610 Complimiter, now 45 years after it's original release. The V610 has high resolution detented controls, as well as lower distortion, noise, and a +24dBu output. For tracking, mix buss, and mastering applications.

The Model 610 Complimiter

The Model 610 is the original Complimiter introduced in 1969. It utilizes the 601 compressor/limiter module, with a 101 Preamplifier for make-up gain. Two 610 Complimiters can be interconnected for stereo use via the 610 SI Accessory.


"They've been on every record I've engineered since, (1993), and most that I've mixed."
-Tchad Blake

The 611 Series Complimiters

Designed for hi-Z instrument use, the 611 Series Complimiters are compact and simplified. Still utilizing the 601 compressor/limiter module, the 611 has no make-up gain stage. This allows any external amplifier to be used for make-up gain. The unbalanced design of the 611-G makes it the ultimate studio-grade compressor for electric guitar, bass, violin etc. The 611-B offers a balanced input, and allows direct microphone termination.


See TapeOp's Review of the 611-B here:


The M-610 PRO        ***Available on a custom order basis. Please consult the factory for availability and pricing.

Introducing the M-610 PRO Complimiter. The dual-channel M-610 features an all new compact design. Improved headroom (+24dBu) and noise specifications are achieved by the implementation of a Model 110A output gain stage. We've also added phantom power, allowing the M-610 to be used as an impressive microphone preamp.


The M-610 pro Complimiter has become THE indispensable tool for me whether I am tracking or mixing. Cheers!
— Matt Ross-Spang

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